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Chromadek ® Colours

Sandstone Beige 1

Sandstone Beige

Gemsbok Sand 1

Gemsbok Sand

Traffic Green 1

Traffic Green

Azure Blue

Dove Grey 1

Dove Grey

Dark Dolphin 1

Dark Dolphin

Charcoal 1

Charcoal Grey

Kalahari Red 1

Kalahari Red

Fish Eagle White 1

Fish Eagle White

Brown Buffalo 2

Buffalo Brown

0,50mm Chromadek® Roof Sheeting Sandstone Beige - 686mm wide

R486,00 – R972,00

0,50mm Chromadek® Roof Sheeting Gemsbok Sand - 686mm wide

R486,00 – R972,00

0,50mm Chromadek® Roof Sheeting Traffic Green - 686mm wide

R486,00 – R972,00

0,50mm Chromadek® Roof Sheeting Azure Blue - 686mm wide

R486,00 – R972,00

0,50mm Chromadek® Roof Sheeting Dove Grey - 686mm wide

R486,00 – R972,00

0,50mm Chromadek® Roof Sheeting Dark Dolphin - 686mm wide

R486,00 – R972,00

0,50mm Chromadek® Roof Sheeting Charcoal Grey - 686mm wide

R486,00 – R972,00

0,50mm Chromadek® Roof Sheeting Kalahari Red - 686mm wide

R486,00 – R972,00

0,50mm Chromadek® Roof Sheeting Fish Eagle White - 686mm wide

R486,00 – R972,00

0,50mm Chromadek® Roof Sheeting Buffalo Brown - 686mm wide

R486,00 – R972,00

Charcoal Grey, Dark Dolphin, Aloe Green, and Buffalo Brown are coated with an extra over engineer’s-developed heat-reflective painting system that protects the metal against hot weather conditions and UV exposure from the sun. This heat reflective paint layer incorporates a reflective pigment providing the product with better cooling benefits as opposed to other colour options.

ArcelorMittal is the registered trademark supplier of Chromadek®, therefore ArcelorMittal’s website https://chromadek.arcelormittalsa.com/ may also be viewed for additional information related to product specifications, technical datasheets, projects, etc

Chromadek® also has excellent durability properties obtained by tensioning the Chromadek® coil during the painting process. Durability as mentioned is measured according to its capability to maintain hardness, gloss, colour, and film integrity properties.

They do the following tests on Chromadek® before receiving a certificate of approval:

  • Bending test that indicates the level of resistance shown against paint cracks.
  • Wet and dry film thickness for measuring the thickness of the paint layer. Hardness and gloss after curing of the coil.
  • Reverse impact testing to ensure adequate adhesion.
  • Solvent rubbing test for ensuring good curing of the product.

A reflective and emissive colour-coated steel roof is recommended for buildings with high cooling demands, for example, corporate office spaces or shopping malls. This reflective roofing system will significantly reduce the use of a building’s HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation, and Airconditioning), leading to lower energy use, lesser operational cost, and improved thermal comfort within the building.

Chromadek® topcoat and primer surface layers are free from using chrome content within the manufacturing process, contributing positively toward sustainable manufacturing practices and promoting green initiatives.


Chromadek® has the following advantages:

  • Chromadek® is produced in IBR, Widespan, and Corrugated profiles.
  • Chromadek® can be cranked ‘Bullnosed’ according to the Clients design requirements.
  • Chromadek® cladding installations are quicker than conventional construction methods such as masonry, plaster, and paint Works.
  • The end-users have reduced maintenance costs due to Chromadek® paint system protecting the steel layer for many years.
  • Chromadek® provides long-lasting, durable edge protection and is less prone to formability cracking, leading to corrosion problems.
  • Chromadek® is a branded and registered trademark name manufactured solely by ArcelorMittal South Africa; thus, Clients can be sure the product has undergone certified testing to comply with the technical specifications as given.


Chromadek Rolls

A general guideline for storage, handling, installation, and maintenance of Chromadek®:

  • Chromadek® should be stored in a safe and dry environment with adequate ventilation. The backing or underside is not corrosion-resistant and should not be exposed to water or moisture elements. Wet storage of Chromadek® may cause water and condensation to be drawn between sheets by capillary action and could cause white rust or discolouration of the paint film; therefore, it is recommended to install Chromadek® within two weeks after receiving delivery.
  • Damage incurred to the paint layer because of an accident or improper handling measures should be repaired by the Client or Contractor before installation takes place. Unrepaired damages will lead to corrosion in the exposed areas. Contact ArcelorMittal for advice or referrals of approved roofing refinishers.
  • Installation of Chromadek® in locations with severe UV radiation may enhance the ageing of the paint layer; therefore, we recommended selecting a heat reflective colour option; alternatively, a lighter Chromadek® colour will provide longer-lasting installations.
  • Roof installation to comply with SANS Building Regulations and all other Authority Codes to ensure quality and watertight structures.
  • Depending on the region or installation area, the correct type and class of fasteners are to be used with roofing and cladding installations. Galvanized fixture or fittings is recommended when installing fittings such as solar panels on roofs.
  • Cutting of Chromadek® is recommended to be done with a circular saw or a similar cutting tool; angle grinders are to be avoided due to the sparks it produces while cutting, which may damage the paint layer.
  • Roofing maintenance is to be scheduled regularly to clean and wash away objects that could enhance corrosion.


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